Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Easter fun with family!!

Chad's grandma always looks nice. Kaylas getting to know her too.


Kayla loves her Aunt Cathy. They bonded when Kayla stayed with them when we went to N.O.

All dressed up in our Easter duds. We got these pics before church. We went to church with Chad's family then went to the traditional lunch at Pine Hills Country Club. It was pouring rain when we got there, so we couldn't take pictures outside, but we had a good time with family. Always a great meal.

Our cute little bunny!!

It was so fun seeing Kayla see her Easter Bunny gifts that morning. She got more candy than she knew what to do with.

They loved playing on the swingset with each other.

Kayla and Tristin had a great time hunting Easter eggs together. They were really cute. We all gathered at Brittany's house that day to watch the girls with the Easter eggs and have dinner together. Kayla had fun, but she got her sleep schedule off and was fussy some. It was good to see all the family together.

And, Their off!!

"There's one Kayla" We had to show her where all the eggs were. Its ok, it was cute.

Baby Clayton Reid Edmonson

Baby Clayton came as a surprise one Thursday before Easter. Erin went in for a routine appointment to check her high BP and the doctor decided to do an emergency c-section b/c it was too high that day. Everyone was scampering around and worrying about her and the baby. It happened really fast and she was preped for surgery within just a few hours. He arrived around 3:00 in the afternoon and wasn't too little. He was around 5 lbs. -little, but not too bad for a baby 5 weeks early.
He looks a lot like Erin, but some like Lowry too. I can't wait to see how he changes and looks when he gets bigger.

Proud Aunt Shara. Its so fun having all the babies in the family.

Kayla liked to touch Clayton's face and kept saying "baby"

They are home and well now. They kept Clayton in the hospital a day later than Erin b/c he lost too much weight and wasn't eating enough. She had a hard time with him sleeping a lot and had to wake him up to feed him every 3 hours. He's awake more nowdays. I can't wait to see him again.

Erin's baby shower

It was so cute when Tristin and Kayla took a bath together. They were splashing and laughing so much. I even got a video of it. Moments like these are priceless.
I liked this picture so much I put it on twice. Sorry. I do like it though b/c its all us kids and our babies. One baby cant' be seen yet.

It is also a tradition that my mom gives the baby our old baby clothes. It has worked out that the girls in our family has had girls and the boy had a boy, so they are able to wear our baby clothes. Its special!!

She hides the baby well. Erin is really on "bed rest" at this point. I kept telling her to sit down and put her feet up.

All the girls "sisters and mom"

Tristin and Kayla were hillarious at the shower. See all the fingerprints in the side of the cake. They kept sneaking tastes of the cake while we were opening presents. They were the life of the party.

My mom has crocheted a blanket for each one of the grandkids. Its really special to us. She outdid herself on this one. It is really big.

Erin got a gift from our friend Karen of Lowry's old baby blanket and she redid the edging to restore it. It was beautiful

The shower was fun to decorate. We strung a lot of onesies across the room. It was really cute till they fell at the end of the shower.

Tristin and Kayla played "ok" together. They are in the stage were everything is "MINE" and Tristin likes to show Kayla how to get into a lot of "no-no's". They are very cute together and feed off of each other's personalities.

Cute Kayla pics after the wedding

My dad graciously rode back with me that next day (Monday) since I would have been by myself all day with a 1 year old. He stayed the whole week with us and taught Kayla about fire and how to burn wood. He got rid of a lot of our small limbs from the ice storm remains. Thanks Dad for riding with us. We had a good week.

In Kiroli Park by the tulips. If you remember we took pictures by them last year, but this year not so much b/c she would walk away from them a lot. I guess you just snap the pictures as you can at this age. No poses here.

Talking to Dada when he got home from the plane ride.

She loved smelling the flowers in Nan's backyard and she picked off all the petals. She loved saying "flower"

We didn't realize how much we missed Kayla till we got back to West Monroe the day after. Chad had to catch a plane back to NWA b/c he had to work on Monday, but I drove back by myself. (thats an interesting story in itself that you should ask me to tell you sometime. I don't have enough time or energy to type it out). Kayla had fun playing with Aunt Ca-tie and Amy and Al-son. They bought this pretty dress to show her off Sunday morning at church.